Hvar is the most recommended island for every international tourist who has chosen a yacht for the most unforgettable yachting experiences.  This island has lots of attractive things to make tourists of every age group happier than ever.  Our tourist guide supported us for enjoying sightseeing on time and outdoor activities in safe hands. He played the main role behind the overall success our memorable Hvar tourism as we expected.  There were many things to do throughout this island. However, we have planned to visit the most important tourist places at first. This was because we felt energetic in the morning as required for sightseeing.  We arrived Hvar morning and had a delicious breakfast. After that, we visited different places like Fortica, Cathedral, St. Stephen’s Square, Franciscan Monastery, Secret Hvar, Grapceva Caves, Moor at Palmizana Marina,  Renaissance Theatre and other places.