We were more contented than ever after we have reached Split by our special yacht charter on the third day.  This was because we knew that many tourist places and nightlife in this city make tourists of every age group fulfilled throughout a year. Our tour guide supported us from the beginning to end of our sightseeing and outdoor activities in this city. The best guidance from a qualified tour operator supported us for visiting the most important tourist places in and around this beautiful city. Even though we have visited lots of places from the morning to evening, some of the places we liked and encouraged to explore further were Diocletian’s Palace, Bell Tower of St. Dominus, Putalji Winery, Froggyland and Old Split.  We enjoyed our daytime by sightseeing in this city and taking photographs in the main tourist places.



























The most recommended yacht charter and tour package in Croatia

We have a busy to-do list and an array of expectations about how to enjoy the routine life.  Tour is the most recommended way towards the realization of the most enjoyable days and nights for a week or a couple of weeks. My family members and I compared different options soon after we have decided to visit Croatian cities and islands throughout the summer holidays. My children were very eager to spend their time in island by playing different outdoor games and yachting.  We have planned to hire the most competitive price of yacht in this country and get the best tour guidance from an expert in Croatia tours.  We listened to honest reviews of several companies recommended by former tourists and residents of Croatia. At the end of the day, we have selected the best tour plan that included yachting, sightseeing, outdoor games and other things as per expectations of everyone in our family. 

On the day 1 we arrived at Sibenik where we had a quality time with each other. My family thoroughly enjoyed being with me in a foreign country and I could see colors of joy in them. We had beautiful lodging as the hotel is amazing. The Croatia (Croatian) speaking waiter and waitress at the restaurant were kind and welcoming and we felt warm love from them. The room service was excellent there that they were on time whenever we needed them. After having delicious lunch we geared up for site seeing and as soon as see that the sun goes down and it is going to be sunset we went to beach. There was standing our yacht that we chartered few days ago. We were stunned seeing such a beautiful beach as we have not seen such place anywhere. The water and the sky with sun ready for settling down was feast to our eyes.
On the day 2 we arrived at Split the city of architecture where we happened to see sheer architecture. As soon as we finished our breakfast we went to see museum and it was really great to see such a magnificent museum that has various architecture details. The museum is called as architectural museum that is most famous for architecture in the entire Croatia country - Hotel Gołdap. After visiting the museum we went to beach. Our experience was too awesome because we sailed on the sea on yacht. What a view it is to see the beach when we sail on it and we enjoyed it as we could enjoy the nature more than we had ever.
Plan a trip to Croatia to enjoy more than what you expect
Taking a break from our routine and having vacation days with family will really benefit you in many ways. There are many ways to enjoy the life and the real pleasure of life is in enjoying quality time with our friends and family or someone close to our heart. Having a quality time with your loved ones is the best time you can have on this earth I believe. Because as we exist here on this earth to be happy and to make others happy. If you want to enjoy your life with your loved ones the best way can be touring to a beautiful destination of Goldap you have not seen yet. There are many different places especially beach destinations and the locations that manifest the beauty of the nature. What a blissful experience it would be to enjoy the beauty of the nature with loved ones!!!
Recently I have been to Croatia the most beautiful tourist destination where we have enjoyed a lot as a family. The best of this tour is that I took my parents with me and they were too happy to be with me at a foreign country in a hotel. The fact is that they were feeling like on cloud 9 as it was their first flight experience and first tour to foreign country. I could enjoy seeing them enjoying and they were proud that their son took them to a beautiful place as they have not dreamt about this. They were on tears on some places at Croatia as they had quality time with each other and with me. Here I share my experiences in a nut shell and I recommend Croatia for you if you are planning for touring.

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My holidays in Croatia realized all desires on tourism

Holidays make every person more contented than ever.  This is because people of all ages can get together in holidays and enjoy the party in different ways. My friends and I have lots of ideas about how to visit islands and famous cities without compromising our reasonable budget. We explored lots of virtual tours by using the most modern virtual tour portals on the go. On the other hand, we have chosen Croatia (Croatian) as the most suitable country for exploring islands, cities, tourist places, nightlife, bars, clubs and other extraordinary things.  We travelled different places in Croatia online by the virtual tour.  Once we have geared up for visiting all these places in reality, we felt excited and encouraged to take each step towards tourism.  In the following details, I explain you about how we enjoyed our sightseeing in Croatia day after day.   


We arrived at Biograd na Moru city on the first day of our cruise.  We have chosen this city as the foremost place to visit because my children love to visit the former Croatian Kingdom’s capital and ruins of historic buildings they have seen online.  In this city, we have visited the most significant tourist places one after another without any rush sightseeing. This was because we have enough time to explore this city. My family members and I were surprised to focus on remains of popular churches and Benedictine convent of St. Ivan.  We visited more than a few beaches after we explored historic buildings and churches in this city.  We had unforgettable sunbathing, swimming, diving and other activities all through our stay in Kumenat beach and Crevenea Luka beach in the Biograd.

Stari Grad 

The most outstanding facilities in the world-class yacht charter encouraged everyone in our team for enjoying each second greatly. We have arrived at Stari Grad on the first day in our Croatia tourism.  Even though many cities and islands are available in Croatia, we have selected this town as the first place to visit. This was because so many valuable reasons like the most recommended tourist places.  Stari Grad in Dalmatia impressed us soon after we entered in it. The overall natural beauty of this town enhanced our first day tourism further than what we have estimated. We visited St. Nicolas church, Dominican Monastery, statue of Peter Hetorovic, Tvrdalj and other tourist places in this city.